Civil society fund report 2019/2020

With another year’s worth of work gone by, we bring you our report to the Civil Society Fund for 2019-20, reflecting on our intended objectives and the final outcomes for that past year. ZAHER had three main goals we set out to achieve, and through the tremendous work of our partners, the project met the three main goals set out successfully, and showed great potential for learning garden partnerships in Lebanon. Among these objectives was the aim to strengthen the education and participation of 60 children and youth in the learning gardens, where the outcome ended up exceeding this number by more than twice the participants. The engagement score for the participants even reached a whole 8 out of 10, and the children’s knowledge was greatly improved in areas concerning biological processes, environmental awareness, and healthy nutrition. As the report provides a much clearer picture of ZAHER’s intentions and actions, we highly recommend a read-through of it.  

For the full report, click here.