Who we are

Zaher is a Danish non-for-profit NGO. We work to promote organic learning gardens in Lebanon together with underprivileged children and youth, especially displaced Syrian children and youth. Our approach is to assist local actors in creating and using organic learning gardens as educational and recreational psycho-social support.

The benefits of
a learning garden

In a learning garden children and everyone else involved i.e. volunteers, project managers, teachers can learn about the source of their food and gain knowledge on how to grow their own crops by inexpensive and sustainable methods. Nature in cities can play a key role in achieving a healthy society and enables its members collectively and individually to benefit in ways that would not otherwise be possible.

How we work

As a platform, we bring together local Lebanese actors that either knows about gardening or can benefit from a learning garden. We support these partnerships with funding, outreach and knowledge on educational aspects

The project’s vision is to strengthen the education of the participating youth and increase their self-esteem and feeling of capability.

We believe that a blooming learning garden can add something meaningful to the challenged everyday lives of the children and youth involved, teach them valuable skills and knowledge, and serve as a safe, therapeutical space.

We believe that the blooming green, vegetables and flowers of an organic learning garden can add something meaningful to the lives of refugees and other vulnerable children and youth residing in Lebanon today. It not only teaches about the source of their food and how to grow their own crops; it has proven to have a therapeutic effect as well as kids and youth gaining confidence from participating

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