Everything we do is locally driven. Each project is carried out in close collaboration with our local partners to ensure it makes sense for everyone involved, and it is our local partners who carry out the projects at site. Read more about them below.

Lebanese Partners

Garden Specialists

SOILS Permaculture Association Lebanon

is a facilitator for the teaching, training and sharing of skills and resources related to sustainable and environment-friendly practices.

SOILS is dedicated to applying Permaculture ethics and principles in design systems that work with nature – not against it – to provide food, energy and shelter in both rural and urban communities.

SOILS aim to cultivate a national network of growers, builders, makers and artists in Lebanon that care about nature-friendly and responsible practices, in view of collaborating with similar associations in the region and beyond.

Zaher and SOILS collaborated on the learning garden in Bar Elias.

Learn more about SOILS here.

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Food Heritage Foundation

is a Lebanese non-profit organization. FHF believes that local food heritage is a potent tool for economic development. It aims to increase consumers’ awareness and demand for healthy home-cooked local cuisine and produce by establishing permanent linkages between urban and rural communities through which small farmers and producers can inform about their culinary and agricultural traditions and directly sell their products.

The foundation works closely with the Environment and Sustainable Development Unit at the American University of Beirut.

At the Foundation, we believe that by preserving our ancestor’s culinary treasures, we ensure a legacy for future generations.

Learn more about FHF here.

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Buzurna Juzurna

Buzurna Juzurna has since 2016 struggled for the preservation and diffusion of heirloom seeds and farming knowledge on organic agriculture in Middle-East and particularly in Lebanon. It strengths project of ecological farming in refugee camps in Beqaa and in social centers in Beirut suburb and south Lebanon.

The organization and its team manages the seed- pedagogical garden of Taanayel (Deir Taanayel) with its seed-house, and founded its own school-farm in Saadnayel Beqaa in May 2017. On its two hectars, it grows vegetables, trees and aromatic plants, as well as sheep and goats, in order to experiment with agro-ecological farming practices in the specific climate in the Middle East. Additionally, it produces seeds, seedlings, vegetables, processed food, and undertakes natural preparation for organic agriculture (bio- pesticides, bio-stimulants, fertilizers, etc). The farming school activities have been implemented implemented since July 2017, with vocational training and introductions for adults on organic farming knowledge.

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JIBAL is a Lebanese not-for-profit association that champions environmental and social justice principles. We envision a society centered on principles of reciprocity, recognition, and equitable redistribution.

Learn more about Jibal here.

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Educational Centers

Action Aid

Action Aid Arab Region was established in the mid-1990s with core interventions in Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, and Tunisia. It is part of Action Aid International, and has since the 1st January of 2017 been managed by the Global secretariat from the Asia Regional office.

Action Aid Arab Region’s vision is a just and equitable Arab region in which every person can enjoy the right to a life of dignity, freedom from poverty and all types of oppression. The mission is to achieve social justice, gender equality, and poverty eradication by working with women and young people living in poverty and social exclusion, their communities, people’s organizations, social movements, and supporters. The humanitarian programs in Lebanon focuses on the Syrian crisis (protracted crisis), working with hosting and hosted communities since 2013, and conducted through activities in community centers in Baalbek and Jib Jineen in the Bekaa Valley between Lebanon and Syria.

Learn more about Action Aid Arab Region here.

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Malaak’s mission is in educating “Syrian refugees displaced in Lebanon,” by creating a space that is healthy and happy. Malaak is dedicated to ending illiteracy in the camps through education, and innovative programs designed to empower families to achieve self-sufficiency. By filling these GAPS, we hope for a more promising future.

Learn more about Malaak here.

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danish partners

Haver til maver

Is an educational concept developed to give Danish children a nuanced understanding of their food sources. Children aged 9 to 12 spend eight school days in their local school yard from April to October. Here, they learn about the natural cycle, photosynthesis, edible gardens, cooking and healthy eating.

Children sow, grow, cultivate, and harvest their own vegetables in one of the 20 local school yards in Denmark. Afterwards, they cook their vegetables in the outdoor kitchen, and turn their vegetables into a healthy and tasteful meal.

Haver til Maver supports Zaher in it’s organizational work in Denmark as well as outreach and knowledge sharing.

Learn more about Haver til Maver here.

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