featured Chapter in recently published book on agrocultural biodiversity

Adding to some good news, ZAHER is proud to announce that we feature in a chapter in the now published book Agrobiodiversity, School Gardens and Healthy Diets: Promoting Biodiversity, Food and Sustainable Nutrition (2020), co-written with some of our partners on their workThe book aims to assess the role of agro-biodiversity in school gardens, and its impact on promoting healthy eating habits among children and parents, as well as improving nutrition among school children. It also explores the benefits of these in relation to climate change, ecological literacy, and greening school spaces.  

ZAHER’s chapter especially touches on the role of food insecurity that plagues many of the displaced people in Lebanon, who are struggling to make ends meet, and how this can be mitigated through the transformation of uninhabited and unused patches of land into school gardens, which serve the function of alternative food sources. Moreover, the chapter also touches on the environmental, economic, and psychological effects of school gardens.  

The book can be found her. in both a print version and an e-book version.